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Saturday, 28 March 2015

DNA, The Design Code That God Created In All Of Our Cells

DNA, The Design Code That God Created In All Of Our Cells
In 1952, DNA was discovered. It may have been discovered, but it is so complex that it will never be understood. The design code that God uses for all living cells is DNA. Our human bodies are fantastically complicated and are actually made out of 17 of the known 107 elements. Each individual cell is individually and perfectly developed according to the intricate design code imprinted by God on the DNA within all of our cells.

Definition of an Element: 

"Each of more than one hundred substances that cannot be chemically interconverted or broken down, each consisting of atoms with the same atomic number," Concise Oxford Dictionary.

These thoughts are too complex for us to truly understand, as the Psalmist said:

Psalms 139:13-18
"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the Earth, your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be. How precious to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them! Were I to count them, they would outnumber the grains of sand. When I awake, I am still with you" (NIV).

DNA is composed of four amino acids:

- Adenine
- Thymidine
- Guanine
- Cytosine

DNA an extremely complex molecule, and is the design storage medium for each individual cell of the human body. DNA is in fact a three out of four code, with storage capacity beyond our ability to comprehend. Take this as an illustration, one pin head of DNA would have enough storage capacity to store all the information on all the hard discs of all the computers on this planet. Each particular cell in the human body has a design code, with information about how it should be manufactured, how it should function, repair itself, and replicate.

Definition of a Molecule:

"A group of atoms bonded together, representing the smallest fundamental unit of compound that can take part in a chemical reaction", Concise Oxford Dictionary.

There are 75 trillion cells in the human body. Each cell has a full complement of chromosomes in its nucleus. Each nucleus has 46 chromosomes made up of 23 pairs, one from each of the two parents of each individual. Each chromosome contains a strand of DNA. Each strand of DNA includes hundreds of millions of base pairs, that if stretched out straight, each strand of DNA would measure 3-9 feet long, and about 20 atoms across.

Definition of an Atom: 

"The smallest particle of a chemical element, consisting of a positively charged nucleus (containing protons and typically also neutrons) surrounded by negatively charged electrons", Concise Oxford Dictionary.

The DNA code includes details of our height, our personality, our intelligence, the colours of our eyes and other physical attributes.

Design codes do not spontaneously evolve

Everything that we can observe, whether God made it or man made it, has a design. We can observe the product of modern design technologies, such as an aeroplane, a house, a watch, a computer, a television, a car, or a NASA designed rocket. All of these have intricate designs.

We will benefit by looking closely at these man made designs. Nowadays, most products are designed on computer systems. The computer systems themselves are designed by experts in software design. Your computer software did not arrive on your hard disc by "Spontaneous Generation". It was painstakingly developed using highly skilled software engineers.

Nothing that we observe on this planet occurred by chance. The software on your computer that you are using now, was also carefully designed. Without wishing to be disrespectful to software engineers, anyone who has used computers of any design will know how temperamental they are. Virtually all man made computer systems cause problems to their owners.

DNA is incredibly reliable information storage medium

God's design system is quite different. The DNA in each of our cells is far more complex, yet very rarely malfunctions. To suggest that DNA "spontaneously generated" is not credible, as we shall see.

Mathematical calculations about DNA "spontaneously generating"

It can be calculated mathematically, using Switching Theory, that the chance of one DNA molecule occurring randomly is one chance in 1053. This would be written as ten with fifty-two zeros after it. The scientific community discounts any "chance" greater than one chance in 1050. In other words, DNA could not possibly have evolved by "spontaneous generation".

Calculations by Sir Fred Hoyle, UK Nobel Prize winner

The UK Nobel Prize winner Sir Fred Hoyle wrote: "The likelihood of the formation of life from inanimate matter is one to a number of 10 with 40,000 zeros after it," (Nature: vol.294:105, Nov 12 1981).

This huge number needs to be put in perspective

- The number of atoms in the Universe is considered to be 10 with 77 zeros after it.

- The number of seconds in 20 billion years is 10 with 17 zeros after it.

These huge figures are very difficult for us to imagine. But Sir Fred Hoyle's figure of 10 with 40,000 zeros after it is impossible for us to imagine.

Difficulties with information systems

Evolutionists would like us to believe that:

- The "message sender" (DNA) and the "message receiver" (mRNA) both spontaneously evolved, by chance.

- The message sender" (DNA) and the "message receiver" (mRNA) instantaneously communicated with each other.

This is so unlikely that for practical purposes we can consider this impossible by the laws of probability.

Let us use two mobile phones as an illustration. 

- Mobile phones use much simpler technology than DNA and mRNA.

- If two separate cellular phones were able to spontaneously self generate, one in London, the other in Melbourne, I think we could all agree that they would not be able to immediately communicate with each other.

- Only if appropriate SIM cards for the same mobile phone network were inserted into both cellular phones could they communicate with each other.

- In other words, no manufactured system can communicate with another manufactured system unless they are programmed by an outside agency.

- They would only be able to communicate with each other when an outside agency, of greater technological expertise, programmed all the cellular phones to identical frequencies, using identical computer languages.

We hope you can see the problems that Evolutionists have in persuading Creationists that everything happened by chance. The problem, as in this case, is that this is just not possible.

- It is not possible, statistically speaking, for DNA and mRNA to spontaneously evolve.

- Even if it were possible, they would not be able to communicate with each other.

- However, that is not the end of the problem.

Chirality of all molecules and all proteins in living systems

- It is well known that DNA and mRNA exist as a helix with a twist to their complicated geometric structures.

- The nature of the twist is known technically as the "chirality" of the molecule.

- DNA and mRNA all exist in the right-hand form only. They are known as Dextrorotatory.

- The amino acids in all living systems are in the left-hand form. They are Laevorotatory.

- Even if DNA could "spontaneously generate by chance from the primordial ooze" it would contain equal proportions of left and right handed forms.

- This is technically called a racemic mixture of left and right handed forms.

- If this spontaneous generation is supposed to have occurred by chance, then, according to the laws of probability, there would have to be an equal amount of left and right handed forms of DNA.

- However, this mixture would be useless for life!

- All DNA used in all living organisms is right handed, or dextrorotatory.

- A mixture of self generated DNA containing an equal amount of left and right handed forms of DNA would be completely useless for life!

There are therefore totally insuperable problems for Evolutionists

- It is not possible, statistically speaking, for DNA and mRNA to spontaneously evolve.

- Even if it were possible, they would not be able to communicate with each other!

- A self generated racemic mixture of DNA is completely useless for life!

Quotes From Famous Scientists Who Do Not Believe Evolution.

Quotes From Famous Scientists Who Do Not Believe Evolution
It is NOT true that all scientists believe in Evolution.

Sir Fred Hoyle, a famous UK astronomer, wrote:  

"A super intellect has monkeyed with physics, as well as with chemistry and biology … The likelihood of the formation of life from inanimate matter is one to a number of 10 with 40 thousand noughts (zeros) after it. It is enough to bury Darwin and the whole theory of Evolution. There was no primeval soup, neither on this planet nor on any other, and if the beginnings of life were not random they must therefore have been the product of a purposeful intelligence," (Nature: vol.294:105, Nov 12 1981).

In 1982 Francis Crick, winner of the Nobel Prize in Biology after discovering DNA, wrote: 

"An honest man, armed with all the knowledge available to us now, could only state that in some sense, the Origin of life appears at the moment to be almost a miracle, so many are the conditions which would have to be satisfied to get it going" (Life Itself, Its Origin and Nature, Futura, London 1982).

In 1930 British physicist Sir James Jeans wrote: 

"Nature seems very conversant with the rules of pure mathematics … In the same way, a scientific study of the action of the Universe has suggested a conclusion which may be summed up… in the statement that the Universe appears to have been designed by a pure mathematician… the Universe can best be pictured, although still very imperfectly and inadequately, as consisting of pure thought… If the Universe is a Universe of thought, then its Creation must have been an act of thought. Indeed the finiteness of space compels us to think of the creator as working outside time and space, which are part of his Creation, just as an artist is outside his canvas," (The Mysterious Universe p 146).

NASA astronomer Robert Jastrow wrote:

Robert Jastrow "Now we see how the astronomical evidence leads to a Biblical view of the Origin of the world: the chain of events leading to man commenced suddenly and sharply in a definite moment of time, in a flash of light and energy", (God and the Astronomers, page 14).

The astronomer George Greenstein wrote:

"As we survey all the evidence, the thought instantly arises that some supernatural agency, or rather Agency, must be involved. Is it possible that suddenly, without intending to, we have stumbled upon the existence of a Supreme Being? Was it God who stepped in and so providentially crafted the cosmos for our benefit? " 

Physicist and Nobel Laureate Arno Penzias wrote:

"Astronomy leads us to a unique event, an Universe which was created out of nothing, one with a very delicate balance needed to provide exactly the conditions required to permit life, and one which has an underlying (one might say 'supernatural') plan." 

Robert Shapiro wrote: 

"The improbability involved in generating even one bacterium is so large that it reduces all considerations of time and space to nothingness. Given such odds, the time until the black holes evaporate and the space to the ends of the Universe would make no difference at all. If we were to wait, we would truly be waiting for a miracle",

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Scientific Problems With The Theories Of Charles Darwin.

Scientific Problems With The Theories Of Charles Darwin
The Theory of Evolution
Much of the following information has been adapted from the work of Dr David Rosevear, UK, web site: www.Creationsciencemovement.com

Charles Darwin and his book, "The Origin of the Species"

- Charles Darwin wrote "The Origin of the Species" in 1859.

- What he observed was very small variation in the length and breadth of the beaks of finches. Finches are small birds found in the Galapagos
Islands, off the Western cost of South America.

- Darwin actually noted variation within a species, or variation of a kind.

- These variations in the bird's beaks were so minor that later visitors to the Islands had trouble identifying the variations.

- What Darwin actually observed was Micro-Evolution, or variation within one species of bird, which we all see all the time.

- Darwin need not have bothered to travel to the Galapagos Islands to observe Micro-Evolution, or variation within species.

- Everyone sees evidence of variation within a species all the time.

- Darwin did not observe Macro-Evolution, the changing of one species into another, for example a lizard turning into a bird.

- Macro-Evolution has never been observed by anybody.

- Darwin observed variation of a species within a kind, namely Micro-Evolution, which is commonly observed in every country in the world.


- Macro-Evolution is defined as the mutation of one species to another species, and has never been observed.

- Since Evolution is supposed to happen very slowly, there should be plenty of examples of Evolution all around us, with new species being
formed all the time.

- However, no evolutionist has ever actually produced one living example of a species actually changing into another species.

- A number of fossil relics and skeletons have been produced, claiming to demonstrate Macro-Evolution.

- However, these fossil remains are hotly debated, some have been shown to be frauds, and Carbon Dating itself is not accepted by many Creationists.

- If Evolution was true, the total number of species in the world should be increasing every year.

- In fact, the number of species in the world is declining every year, according to the World Wildlife Organisation.


Micro-Evolution is defined as the variation within one kind of species. There are large number of dogs found all over the world. Dog DNA has a gene pool for long legs, short legs, long hair, short hair, large bodies and small bodies etc. Since dogs share the same common gene pool, dogs may be interbred with other kinds of dogs, and the resultant dog is called a mongrel dog, with features common to both parents. The same may be found with cats, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, and many other animals commonly seen.

However, it is not possible to interbreed a dog with a rabbit. These different species do not share the same gene pool. In rare cases distantly related species may be interbred, such as a horse with a donkey. However, the resultant offspring is invariably sterile, and unable to continue this new "species".

In Contrast with Macro-Evolution, Micro-Evolution is defined as the variation within one kind of species and is very commonly observed. Examples of Micro-Evolution include the variation between kinds of dogs, cats, birds, horses, and ducks.

Charles Darwin need not have bothered to travel to the Galapagos Islands, he could have easily noticed Micro-Evolution amongst domestic pets in his own home, or birds in his own garden.

Charles Darwin did not observe Macro-Evolution, but Micro-Evolution, which is commonly observed on an everyday basis.

Melanic and Typica Pepper Moths

Another so called "proof" of Evolution, often quoted, is the natural selection of moths in England, according to the colour of their wings in England during the Industrial Revolution. At this time there was considerable industrial pollution near large cities, and black coal dust was deposited on the barks of trees, making the trees darker.

It was noticed that the moths with dark coloured wings, the Melanic moths, were better adapted to their environment, and were better camouflaged. The Melanic moths were therefore not as clearly seen by birds, their natural predators, as the moths with light coloured wings, known as the Typica pepper moths, against the dark bark of trees.

This discovery was hailed as a great breakthrough in proving Natural Selection by "Survival of the Fittest" as the mechanism for Evolution.

However, this Natural selection only applies within a kind, or species. It certainly applies to Micro-Evolution, and is commonly seen throughout nature. However, it certainly does not prove Macro-Evolution, which has never been observed anywhere.

Darwin proposed his Theory of Evolution on the basis of:

1. Variation within species, using his example of the length and breadth of finches' beaks in the Galapagos Islands.

2. Survival of the fittest, strongest and best adapted animals.

3. Gene mutation as his proposed method for providing new genetic information fro new species or kinds of living organisms.

Gene Mutation does NOT provide new useful genetic information

Mutation in the DNA code within every cell of every living organism is commonly observed, and can be caused by:

1. Radiation

2. Chemicals

3. Disease

However, all actual observed Gene Mutations cause disease or malformation. Examples of these include:

1. Down's syndrome.

2. pina bifida.

3. Anencephaly (absent head).

4. Tragic foetal abnormalities caused by drugs such as Thalidomide.

5. Tragic increase of cancer following the nuclear explosion in Chernobyl.

6. Tragic increase in cancer following the nuclear explosions in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Conclusion: Gene mutation, as proposed by Charles Darwin, according to actual observation does NOT lead to the development of a new gene pool, and does NOT lead to a new species.

Natural Selection does NOT lead to Macro-Evolution

- Natural selection provides no new genetic information from which a new species can evolve.

- Natural selection actually preserves the species, rather than encouraging the Evolution of a mutant.

- Mutations, as actually observed, are abnormal mutations, which are selected against.

Science does NOT support Evolution

- Darwin postulated that Evolution occurs very slowly, but there are no intermediate fossil forms.

- All observed information systems, as found in DNA, require an outside programming Intelligence, such as a Designer, a Creator, God.
"Simple" life forms, such as Amoebas are in fact incredibly complex, because these unicellular organisms contain DNA.

- Evolution is not supported by Molecular Biology.

- For example, different kinds of fish and animals have different haemoglobin.

- To create anything, on this planet, or in the Universe, you need both Power and Information.

- Information cannot create itself, and cannot harness itself in the highly complex DNA of all living organisms without and Outside Agency, Who the Bible refers to as God.

Problems With The First And Second Laws Of Thermodynamics

Problems With The First And Second Laws Of Thermodynamics
1. The Big Bang Theory
The Big Bang Theory states that the Universe, galaxies, stars, planets arose, by chance, from a huge explosion between 5 and 20 billion years ago. We would like to make the following comments:

1. All observed explosions are destructive and not constructive.

2. Explosions cause spontaneous degeneration and not spontaneous generation.

3. All explosions decrease order and structure.

An illustrative example is that, if you blow up an aircraft factory, you do not end up with a Jumbo Jet by chance.

2. The Spontaneous Generation Theory

The Spontaneous Generation Theory states that all life on planet Earth descended from a common single-cell, arising by chance, in the "primordial ooze", 3.5 billion years ago. This contradicts the Law of Biogenesis, which states that life comes from pre-existing life.

3. Time and Space had a finite beginning

Albert Einstein published his Special Theory of Relativity in 1905, and his General Theory of Relativity in 1915.

In 1968 and 1970 three British astrophysicists, Steven Hawking, George Ellis and Roger Penrose published papers in which they extended Einstein's Theory of General Relativity to include measurements of time and space.

They discovered that time and space had a finite beginning that corresponded to the origin of matter and energy.

Hawking, Ellis and Penrose discovered that before this finite beginning, time and space did not exist!

4. The Spontaneous Generation theory contradicts the First Law of Thermodynamics

The First Law Of Thermodynamics

The First Law of Thermodynamics is often thought of as the Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy. 

Quotations from the Concise Oxford Dictionary:

Definition of Mass: "A coherent body of matter with no definite shape".
Definition of Matter: "A physical substance or material in general, as distinct from mind and spirit (in physics), which occupies space and possesses mass, especially as distinct from energy".
Definition of Energy: "The property of matter and radiation which is manifest as a capacity to perform work".

The First Law of Thermodynamics states that the sum of the following energies in a closed system remains constant:

1. Kinetic Energy

2. Potential Energy

3. Thermal Energy

Matter, or its energy equivalent, cannot be either created or destroyed under natural circumstances. To explain the origin of matter in the atheistic Spontaneous Generation model, it is assumed that matter arose from nothing.

This is in direct contravention of the First Law of Thermodynamics which demands that Matter Cannot Create Itself. Logically there must therefore have been an "Outside Agency", Who the Bible describes as God, Who created everything.

5. Evolution contradicts the Second law of Thermodynamics

In the Theory of Evolution it is proposed that "simple life" evolved into more complex life forms by Spontaneous Generation. Both Darwin's Theory of Evolution and the Spontaneous Generation model both directly contravene the Law of Biogenesis.

The Second Law Of Thermodynamics

The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that the disorder in a system increases, rather than decreases. The Second Law of Thermodynamics gives a precise definition of a property called Entropy.

Entropy: Entropy can be thought of as a measure of the disorder in a system. The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that the Entropy, or disorder, of an isolated system can never decrease. In other words, in our Universe, a state of order progresses to a state of disorder.
For example:

- The Sun and the stars are burning up.

- The Sun is cooling down.

- The Universe is "winding down".

- Ultimately there will be "heat death" of the Universe.

In other words, everything in our Universe tends to disorder. This principle of Entropy is exactly what the Bible teaches in the following Scriptures:

Hebrews 1:10-12, "Lord, in the beginning you made the Earth, and the Heavens are the work of your hands. They will disappear into nothingness, but you will remain forever. They will become worn out like old clothes, and some day you will fold them up and replace them. But you yourself will never change, and your years will never end", TLB.

Psalm 102:25-27, "In ages past you laid the foundations of the Earth and made the Heavens with your hands! They shall perish, but you go on forever. They will grow old like worn-out clothing, and you will change them like a man putting on a new shirt and throwing away the old one! But you yourself never grow old. You are forever, and your years never end", TLB.

In the world that we observe, nothing gets more ordered in design and structure, without an input from an external higher energy source.

The Coliseum in Rome 

The Coliseum is not getting in a more ordered state by itself, but is in fact becoming less ordered, and will eventually collapse completely. 

Evolutionist claim that adding energy to a system will increase the order in that system

This claim is not borne out in observations.

- America added a lot of energy, in the form of nuclear bombs, to Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. But America certainly did not increase order in either city.

- The Sun's energy is destructive to everything on Earth except one molecule called Chlorophyll,

- The Sun will eventually burn the roof of our houses and turn the bricks to powder.

Implications of Second Law of Thermodynamics

The Second Law of Thermodynamics implies that the Universe could not order and provide energy for itself.

The order and energy observed in the Universe implies an "Outside Agency", Who the Bible describes as God.

Friday, 20 March 2015

The Different Types Of Evolution.

The Different Types Of Evolution
The following types of Evolution are described:

1. Cosmic Evolution: The origin of time, space and matter, by the Big Bang

2. Chemical Evolution: The origin of higher elements from hydrogen.

3. Stellar and Planetary Evolution: The origin of stars and planets.

4. Organic Evolution: The origin of Life.

5. Macro-Evolution: The changing from one kind of species to another kind of species.

6. Micro-Evolution: The variation within kinds of species.

Observations about the different types of Evolution

- Of the above supposed 6 types of Evolution, only the last one, Micro-Evolution, has ever been observed.

- The other 5 types of Evolution are part of the Theory of Evolution.

- The other 5 types of Evolution are all theoretical, and have never been observed.

- They cannot be reproduced in a laboratory, and do not therefore fall under the strict definition of a science.

- They are in fact a belief system, taught in countless schools and universities in the world.

- Sadly they are taught as fact, even though the factual content of the Theory of Evolution cannot be proved or disproved, since nobody was present, and these beliefs cannot be reproduced in a laboratory.

Science And Evolution.

Science And Evolution
Most people in Western cultures have been taught to accept unquestioningly certain principles, one of which is the Theory of Evolution. The idea that life evolved by "Spontaneous Generation" out of nothing is a belief, and is contrary to the Law of Biogenesis. No unambiguous information, acceptable in a science laboratory or a court of law, confirms the Creation of Life by means of any Evolutionary process.

If such information is available to you, or anyone you know of, world wide, please feel free to write your thesis, and claim your $250,000 offered by Dr Kent Hovind (click here http://www.drdino.com/articles.php?spec=67

Scientists have no clear data supporting the idea that life evolved over millions of years. There is no known way to test experimentally the idea that the Origin of the Universe resulted from a ""Big Bang", or that life arose by "Spontaneous Generation." These ideas are beliefs, not science.

Most of modern science, as taught in our Western schools and universities, is atheist when considering the Origins of Life. Biblical accounts of the origins of Space, Matter, Time, Energy, and Life are considered to be "outside the realms of science." In fact the Bible is a very scientific book.

Points about Evolution

1. "Traditional teaching" on Evolution has existed since 1859.

2. Most Evolutionists believe that the Universe is 20 billion years old.

3. Some Evolutionists believe that the Universe is 12 billion years old.

4. Evolutionists disagree with each other about their age of the Universe by up to 60%. This hardly inspires confidence in their various theories.

5. Considering that Evolutionists believe the Universe to be 20 billion years old, and their theory started in 1859, it has taken them a very long time to come up with their theories about the Origin of the Universe, and the Origin of Life itself.

6. The various proponents of this belief system wildly disagree with each other, as we shall see.

7. This huge variation of beliefs amongst Evolutionists hardly inspires confidence in their various theories.

What is Science?

The accepted scientific method is to construct a reliable, consistent and non-arbitrary experiment to prove a theory. The accepted scientific technique involves:

1. The careful observation of a known event.

2. The formulation of a theory (known as a hypothesis) to explain the observed event.

3. The application of the theory to devise an experiment to prove the validity of the theory.

4. The performance of careful unbiased experimental tests.

5. The careful analysis of these tests in order to prove that the theory was correct.

If the analysis of the unbiased experiments agree prove the theory (known as a hypothesis), the theory may well be respected as a proven theory, or natural law. If the experiments prove that the theory was incorrect, the theory must be rejected or modified.

Science has not proved Evolution

Unfortunately neither the Biblical Creation Model nor the Evolution Model can be subjected to the normal scientific experimental processes. They are both belief systems.

In order to have a serious discussion about either Creation or Evolution, an unprejudiced person will have to abandon concepts that science has "proved Evolution."

Science cannot prove or disprove Creation or Evolution. Instead we all have to make observations about our Solar system and our own Planet Earth, and come to conclusions based on our observations.

This does not involve the use of the normal scientific method, discussed above. To study both Creation and Evolution we have to use a different method, but this is the only method that is available to us. We can make observations and conclusions, but we cannot test these theories.

We believe that the process of actual scientific observation and conclusion very strongly supports Creation, as we intend to demonstrate.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Does It Matter Whether This Universe Was Created By God, Or Evolved Spontaneously?

Does It Matter Whether This Universe Was Created By God, Or Evolved Spontaneously?

Does It Matter Whether This Universe Was Created By God, Or Evolved Spontaneously?
We believe that Christians should teach only Creation, because:

1. The Bible is at stake, since the Bible supports only Creation.

2. The credibility of Jesus Christ is at stake, since He is stated to be the Creator.

3. The Book of Genesis in particular is at stake, since Jesus quoted Genesis 25 times.

Evolution is not a benign belief that can comfortably co-exist with Creation

1. Either the Bible is rubbish, so we should discard both the Bible, and Jesus Christ.

2. Or Evolution is rubbish, and we should discard Evolution, and stop teaching it as fact.

3. There is no middle ground. God could not possibly have used Evolution, as will be discussed below.

4. It says in Luke 3:38 that Adam was the son of God, not the son of a monkey!

The Facts About Creation And Evolution

The Facts About Creation And Evolution
1. Nobody was present at the Biblical Creation 6,000 years ago.

2. Nobody was present at the supposed "Big Bang", whether it was 20 billion or 12 billion years ago.

3. The two belief systems are about as far apart as it is possible to be, a difference of 3.3 million times in time scale alone, and a massive difference in probabilities.

4. If you asked the average child (or non-prejudiced adult) which of the two models, Creation or Evolution, was the more likely, there would be no contest at all

5. The Theory of Evolution is outrageous to virtually everybody in Africa, India, Pakistan, South East Asia and South America, irrespective of their religious or cultural background.

6. Two thirds of the world's population believe that this planet was created.

7. There is a wide variation of opinion amongst those 4 billion people about how and when the world was created, but the cultures of approximately 4 billion people still believe in Creation.

8. University professors and teachers of Western "civilised" society believe they know better than everybody else, and are frantically trying to convert everybody else to their new belief system called Evolution, all caused by a "god" called "chance".

9. In our Western First World society Creation is widely ridiculed.

10. In the rest of the world, predominantly Second and Third World societies, Evolution is regarded as absurd.

11. Evolutionists love to talk about "Primitive Life Forms," which do not exist in the real world. If life is so "simple" and "primitive", these clever people should have no problem at all creating a "simple life form" in a laboratory. So far, they have not.

12. In the real world, all life is incredibly complex, as many scientists quoted in our teaching below have acknowledged.

13. Most people in Western cultures have been taught to accept unquestioningly certain principles, one of which is the Theory of Evolution.

14. The Theory of Evolution is a theory, not a fact.

15. The idea that life evolved by "Spontaneous Generation" out of nothing is a belief, and is contrary to the Law of Biogenesis.

16. No unambiguous information, acceptable in a science laboratory or a court of law, confirms the Creation of Life by means of any Evolutionary process.

17. If such information is available to you, or anyone you know of, world wide, please feel free to write your thesis, and claim your $250,000 offered by Dr Kent Hovind (click here http://www.drdino.com/articles.php?spec=67 ).

18. Scientists have no clear data supporting the idea that life evolved over millions of years.

19. There is no known way to test experimentally the idea that the Origin of the Universe resulted from a "Big Bang", or that life arose by "Spontaneous Generation."

20. Most of modern science, as taught in our Western schools and universities, is atheist when considering the Origins of Life.

21. Biblical accounts of the Origins of Space, Matter, Time, Energy, and Life are considered to be "outside the realms of science."

22. In fact the Bible is a very scientific book, as demonstrated in our teaching The Bible is Supernatural on this web site.

23. Unfortunately neither the Biblical Creation Model nor the Evolution Model can be subjected to the normal scientific experimental processes. They are both belief systems.

24. In order to have a serious discussion about either Creation or Evolution, an unprejudiced person will have to abandon concepts that Science has "proved Evolution."

25. Science cannot prove or disprove Creation or Evolution.

26. Instead we all have to make observations about our Solar system and our Planet Earth, and come to conclusions based on our observations. This does not involve the use of the normal scientific method.

27. To study both Creation and Evolution we have to use a different method, but this is the only method that is available to us. We can make observations and conclusions, but we cannot test these theories.

28. We believe that the process of actual scientific observation and conclusion very strongly supports Creation, as we intend to demonstrate.

The Biblical Creation World View

The Biblical Creation World View
The Bible, on the other hand, teaches that the whole Universe, the Sun, the planets, the stars, and the Solar Systems, were all created by Jesus Christ.

The Bible opens with these majestic words: "In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth," Genesis 1:1.

The Bible teaches that Planet Earth, the Moon, the land, the seas, the vegetation, all life, the animals, the birds, the fishes, and mankind were all:

1. Created by Jesus Christ.
2. Created only 6,000 years ago, approximately.

Our teaching on Creation, The Genesis Account is available entirely free on this web site.

In the King James Version of the Bible, the word "Creation" appears 6 times. The Bible clearly teaches that Jesus Christ created everything. The Bible speaks unequivocally about Creation, and that Jesus Christ Himself is the Creator. Here are a few selected passages:

Genesis 1:1: "In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth." 

John 1:1-4: "In the beginning was the Word (Jesus Christ), and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men."

Colossians 1:15-17: "He (Jesus Christ) is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all Creation. For by Him all things were created that are in Heaven and that are on Earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers. All things were created through Him and for Him. And He is before all things, and in Him all things consist."

The Universe

The word "Universe" literally means, "One spoken word". The Bible clearly teaches throughout Genesis that God spoke, and it was so.

The Theory Of Evolution is a Belief System, not a Science.

The Theory Of Evolution is a Belief System, not a Science

The Theory Of Evolution is a Belief System, not a Science
Evolution is not a single science which can be studied in a laboratory, but a whole list of beliefs as long as infinity. For example, we have listed a very few of the beliefs that Evolutionists teach as fact.

Evolutionists believe, amongst many other things, that:

1. The whole Universe arose, by chance, at an event widely known as the ""Big Bang."

2. All of the matter in the Universe was contained, before the "Big Bang" in a "singularity."

3. The "singularity" was infinitesimally small, incredibly heavy, and created itself!

4. The "Big Bang" happened purely by chance, approximately 13.75 billion years agow

5. The "Big Bang" was the origin not only of matter, but of Space, Time, and Energy.

6. Space, Time, and Energy evolved simultaneously, all by chance, and all out of a "singularity," which was infinitesimally small.

7. All of the 118 known elements elements evolved from Hydrogen and Helium, the elements of the Sun, a process known as "Chemical Evolution."

8. The incredibly complex Galaxies, Solar System, the Sun, the Stars, Planets, moons around the planets, comets, asteroids, and space dust all evolved by pure chance. They all evolved from an initial source known as a "singularity." This process is known as "Stellar and Planetary Evolution".

9. The incredibly complex orbits of all known space bodies in the solar system, such as the planets, all occurred purely by chance.

10. The vast number of incredibly finely tuned parameters necessary for life on Planet Earth all evolved simultaneously and correctly, purely by chance.

11. Here is a very short list of just a few of these parameters, although there are millions of them:

- The temperature
- The magnetic field
- The partial pressure of all gases
- The rotation period of the Earth
- The gravitational forces in the Universe
- The water vapour saturation
- The availability of natural resources

12. There are literally millions of other finely tuned and interdependent parameters, which all have zero variation tolerance to maintain life.

13. According to Evolution this amazing number of interdependent parameters all spontaneously generated, perfect for life, with no error at all, purely by chance.

14. After this "self generation" of the Universe, "Primitive Life" arose, by chance, out of the "primordial ooze" some time after the Evolution of Planet Earth, 4.54 billion years ago. This process is known as "Spontaneous Generation."

15. Nobody has ever seen life arising from an inanimate object, but Evolutionists insist this happened. This happened purely by chance, according to Evolutionists.

16. According to Evolution, "Primitive Life Forms" arose from inanimate matter, which contradicts the Laws of Biogenesis.

17. We would like to point out that all life forms contain DNA, the most highly complicated information storage medium ever known to mankind. No life form containing DNA could possibly be called "Primitive Life Forms" by anyone other than an Evolutionist!

18. This highly complex DNA, the incredibly complex design code used by all living creatures, also arose by chance, according to Evolution, by "Spontaneous Generation."

19. According to Sir Fred Hoyle, and many other scientists, this is impossible. Please see below under Quotes From Famous Scientists Who Do Not Believe Evolution

20. Purely by chance, DNA, within the incredibly complex cells of all living organisms, could communicate with messenger RNA (called mRNA) so that perfect amino acids could be manufactured within all cells.

21. In other words the two design codes, DNA and mRNA, independently arose by chance, by Spontaneous Generation, with inbuilt messenger codes that, by chance, were identical!

22. As well as spontaneously generating themselves, DNA and mRNA were independently able to transmit and receive highly sophisticated messages to each other about the manufacture of highly specialised amino acids, all purely by chance!

23. The specialised manufacture of all other cells within all living organisms all "Spontaneously Generated" independently, simultaneously, and all by chance!

24. These cells included specialised cells such as skin cells, muscle cells, blood cells, brain cells, eye cells, liver cells, kidney cells, bone cells, and reproductive cells (to name just a few).

25. The cells that had spontaneously generated could spontaneously communicate with each other, purely by chance.

26. The ability of all living organisms to manufacture, replicate and repair highly specialised cells also arose, by chance.

27. Let us take the Spontaneous Generation of the eye, as an example. According to Evolution:

- The cells of the cornea miraculously became transparent, permitting the passage of light, purely by chance.

- Simultaneously highly sophisticated rods and cones developed within the retinas of the eyes of all living organisms, purely by chance.

- These rods and cones spontaneously developed the ability to encode light into electrical impulses, which then travelled along the self manufactured Optic Nerves, which also arose spontaneously and simultaneously,and purely by chance.

- Highly sophisticated cells within the Cerebral Cortex simultaneously spontaneously develop.

- These highly specialised, self generating cells of the Cerebral Cortex could interpret these electrical impulses, and convert these electrical signals into stereoscopic sight, purely by chance.

- The stereoscopic sight could then be interpreted by other self generating, highly sophisticated brain cells of the Cerebral Cortex, in a highly developed independent function called Thought and Subconscious Awareness.

- The self generating higher cortical functions, thought and Subconscious Awareness, then influences the other Higher Cortical thoughts, and movements, both voluntary, and involuntary, of the whole body.

- The whole brain, the most highly developed computer system known to man, also self generated independently, simultaneously, and perfect at the very first attempt, purely by chance.

- The above is an incredibly simplified model of eyesight, which we all use every moment of our waking lives without thinking about it.

- Evolution teaches that this amazing chain of "spontaneous and totally arbitrary events" occurred purely by chance.

28. Each cell in the human body is vitally dependent on other cells to survive, but, according to Evolution, this perfectly structured interdependent system all evolved simultaneously, perfectly functional and integrated, and purely by chance.

29. For example, a brain cell needs oxygen to survive for more than a few seconds, and is vitally dependent on the respiratory system and the circulatory system to provide that oxygen.

30. During the supposed millions of years required for the Evolutionary process to occur there was no room for error at all, or the brain cells would die.

31. However, according to Evolution this was no problem, because the Circulatory Systems and the Respiratory Systems all spontaneously self-generated, by chance, at exactly the same time, as well as all the physical structures to support these complex systems.

32. To ensure adequate oxygen supply to the brain cells, there was spontaneous generation of the alveoli, lungs, bronchial tubes, trachea, heart, blood vessels, capillaries, the blood-oxygen brain barrier, the specialised haemoglobin to carry the oxygen, and the blood itself.

33. According to Evolution, all of these structures and systems all developed, by chance, perfectly integrated, simultaneously, and working perfectly first time!

34. We would like to point out that there was no room for error at all. For example:

- Without oxygen, brain cells die almost immediately.
- Unless all of the systems involved with eyesight evolved absolutely perfectly first time, no eyesight is possible, and the life form would be blind.
- Unless the Reproductive Systems of both males and females of all living species of all living animals, birds, fish, insects, and humans all evolved absolutely correctly, with perfect recognition of their own life forms, but rejection of all other life forms, then Reproduction is impossible.
- This list is virtually without end, so we will leave the reader to think of all the other limitless "coincidences" that Evolution encompasses, all supposedly according to Chance.

35. Evolution teaches that all Anatomical, Physiological and Biochemical systems necessary for life, all spontaneously generated by chance, all perfectly functional, perfectly interdependent, and all by chance.

36. All the oxygen necessary for the survival of all animal life spontaneously arose, by chance.

37. All living organisms breathe in and metabolise oxygen, and exhale the waste products of combustion, carbon dioxide.

38. All plant cells do precisely the opposite, maintaining the equilibrium.

39. This amazing interdependent process, vital for all life, providentially also spontaneously arose purely by chance.

40. Chlorophyll in all vegetable matter harnesses the energy of the Sun, to manufacture vegetable plant structures and energy, and produces oxygen as a waste product.

41. This oxygen is vital for the life of all animal life forms. However, according to Evolutionists, this happened simultaneously, perfectly developed, at exactly the right time, and purely by chance. How very convenient and fortuitous for Evolution!

42. According to Evolution, "Primitive Life Forms" evolved very slowly.

43. We would like to point out that all of these "Primitive Life Forms" contain DNA, the most complex computer storage medium known to man, as well as the incredibly complex biochemical systems within each single cell.

44. By no stretch of any imagination could any life form be regarded as "Primitive".

45. According to Evolution, "Complex Life Forms" arose by a process of Evolution known as Natural Selection, so that "poorly adapted" life forms could be removed by predators from the "Evolutionary Process".

46. According to Evolution, "Primitive Life Forms" such as fish were subjected to the processes of Natural Selection, so that they evolved into more complex life forms, such as reptiles, mammals, and birds.

47. According to Evolution, eventually man evolved from the apes, through a series of intermediate forms.

48. According to Evolutionists, the whole process of Evolution was incredibly slow, and took millions of years, which is why nobody has ever actually seen one species of animal, fish or bird evolve into another species.

49. Evolutionists claim that Evolution is slowly happening all the time.

50. According to Evolutionists, the reason that Evolution cannot be observed in any zoo, farm, or household, let alone in the wild, is because Evolution happens so slowly that nobody has ever observed it.

51. According to the Theory of Evolution new species of animals, birds and fish should be found all the time, or at least one every few years.

52. We would like to point out that certain wildlife trusts exist world-wide to protect the number of threatened and endangered species of animals, birds, and fish.

53. The total number of species is actually declining every year, in spite of Evolution, which is supposed to produce new species!

54. All species of animals and humans are commonly seen in different forms, although nobody has eve seen a single species of any living organism change into another species!

55. We should clarify that we do NOT include micro-Evolution, which is variations within kinds of species, such as different species of dogs, cats, and horses, amongst many others.

56. Charles Darwin wrote an interesting book in 1859, "The Origin of the Species" about the length and breadth of the beaks of 14 endemic varieties of finches in the Galapagos Islands.

57. Charles Darwin's famous book certainly proved beyond doubt Micro-Evolution (discussed below), but certainly did not prove either the Origin of Life or Macro-Evolution (discussed below) from one species to another, as is commonly supposed.

58. There was also an interesting study on pepper moths, with light and dark coloured wings.

59. These moths are known as Typica and Melanic pepper moths, and this study also proved Micro-Evolution, and also Natural Selection of species poorly adapted to their environment, but certainly not Macro-Evolution.

60. This study on moths demonstrated the process of Natural Selection of pepper moths poorly adapted for their environments, or variation within a kind, known as Micro-Evolution.

The above list contains just a very few of the very long list of interdependent beliefs that Evolutionists maintain are fact, and are taught as fact in virtually all schools and universities in the Western world.

- The above list could be literally extended to infinity, but we have chosen to highlight a few of the infinite number of beliefs that Evolutionists teach as proven fact.

- Evolutionists tend to believe that their World View is the only view that is consistent with Science.

- Of all of the above points, only the points concerning Micro-Evolution can be the subject of serious scientific study, since they are the only points that can be replicated in controlled and non-prejudiced, repeatable trials.

- The Theory of Evolution is a Theory according to its name.

- Because all of the teachings of Evolution cannot be proved or disproved, Evolution is a belief system, not a science.

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Carbon Dating Only Works if the Bible is Rubbish.

Carbon Dating Only Works if the Bible is Rubbish

Carbon Dating Only Works if the Bible is Rubbish

Radio Carbon Dating was discovered by Willard Libby in Chicago in 1952, and he also received a Nobel Prize for his work. Carbon Dating is a method of dating samples with the element Carbon in them.

The Theory of Carbon Dating does not take into account the 6,000 year old Earth, the Canopy over the Earth, or Noah's Flood, which are explained in detail on this web site.

- If Carbon Dating is correct, the Bible is rubbish.
- If the Bible is true, Carbon Dating is rubbish.
- There are no other alternatives!


The debate over Carbon Dating can become very heated in certain circles, especially on the Internet! We have tried to present the facts as we see them.

Carbon Dating is probably the one subject where open war is declared between Creationists and Evolutionists. Judging by comments about Kent Hovind and other Creationists on the Internet, war is the most suitable word.

The reason is very simple. Either the Bible or Carbon Dating is a fraud. There is no middle ground.

Before writing rude emails to me, please read SCOFFERS on this web site! This information has been compiled by Richard Kent the author of this web site.

1. For a free 2 hour 1 minute video on Carbon Dating please click on this link: Kent Hovind Creation vs Evolution Age of The Earth Does Carbon Dating prove the Bible

2. For a one page summary of Carbon Dating by Kent Hovind please click this link: Creation Science Evangelism - Creation, Evolution, Dinosaurs, and the Bible. 

Information and images for this section of this web site has been used with the permission of Kent Hovind of www.drdino.com


Periodic Table of the Elements

There are 109 known elements on Planet Earth, and all matter on this planet is composed of various elements. For example the human body is composed of 17 elements, including Carbon.


Carbon normally exists as the isotope C-12. The normal isotope C-12 has 6 neutrons, 6 protons, and 6 electrons.

There are three main varieties of Carbon atoms, technically called "isotopes". These isotopes are C-12, C-13 and C-14.

Of the three isotopes of Carbon:

- C-12 makes up 99% of available Carbon.

- C-13 makes up 1% of available Carbon.

- C-14 - makes up 1 part per million of available Carbon.

So there is not much C-14 about! Every living thing has a tiny amount of C-14 in it, including every human being.


The Earth's atmosphere is approximately 100 miles deep. The Earth's atmosphere contains:

- 78% nitrogen

- 21% oxygen

- .06% Carbon dioxide

- .0000765% radio-active Carbon (C14)

The Radioactive Carbon 14 mixes with the normal CO2 in the upper atmosphere, and floats down to ground level, where it is incorporated into plants, animals and humans.


Radioactive Carbon -14 is formed in the upper atmosphere by the bombardment of Nitrogen atoms with cosmic rays from the Sun.

The unstable Radioactive Carbon atom C-14 in the upper atmosphere then combines with Oxygen to form a Carbon Dioxide molecule containing C-14.


The Carbon dioxide molecules, with a tiny amount of Radioactive C-14, become part of the gases in our atmosphere.

All plants breathe in Carbon Dioxide, and a tiny amount of Radioactive C-14 is incorporated into their structure, using photosynthesis.

During photosynthesis plants breathe in Carbon Dioxide and make it part of their tissue.

Some of the Carbon is Radioactive C-14.

In the presence of sunlight, plants convert Carbon Dioxide and water into starch and Oxygen.

6CO2+6H2O = C6H12O6+6O2

Animals later eat the plants, and incorporate both Carbon 12 and Radioactive Carbon -14 into their tissues.

Humans eat both the plants and the animals, and incorporate a tiny amount of Radioactive Carbon-14 into their tissues.

When a plant or animal dies it stops taking in air and food, so it does not assimilate and more C-14.

The C-14 in the plant or animal then begins to decay back to normal Nitrogen.


Radio Carbon Dating is used to determine the age of samples containing Carbon, by means of measuring the amount of the isotope Carbon-14 (C-14) in any given sample.

The isotope Carbon-14 is Radioactive and the radioactivity may be measured, with a Geiger counter, or a much more sophisticated Carbon Dating machine.

The theory of Carbon Dating assumes that if an observer knows the amount of Radioactive C-14 that is present in a sample, then the date of the sample's origin can be calculated.

Radioactive C-14 atoms decay back to Nitrogen at a known rate. This rate of "decay" is known as the "half-life".

The "half life" of C-14 is 5,730 years.

According to Carbon Dating Theory, if a known amount of C-14 is present, then 5,730 years earlier there was twice as much of it, because half of the C-14 has decayed over the preceding 5,730 years.

After another 5,730 years half of the remaining C-14 will decay leaving only ¼ of the original C-14. The Radioactive decay proceeds exponentially from ½ to ¼ to ?, etc.

In theory Carbon -14 never totally disappears, but after about 5 half lives the difference is not measurable with any degree of accuracy.

This is why many people believe that Carbon Dating is only accurate for objects less than 40,000 years old.

- It is very important to realise this limitation of all Carbon Dating. If anyone says that the Earth is billions of years old, based on Carbon Dating, they obviously do not understand how Carbon Dating works!

- For example, it is commonly stated by Evolutionists that Life started, by chance, 4 billion years ago, or 4,000,000,000 years ago.

- This would involve 6.9 million half lives of Radioactive Carbon 14, which simply cannot be measured with any degree of accuracy at all!

- The Earth's atmosphere contains only 0.0000765% radio-active Carbon -14, and we are talking about tiny quantities of C-14.

- These tiny differences simply cannot be measured accurately over 6.9 million half lives.


A Geiger counter may be used to detect radio-active elements such as C-14. The image is from Focus on Physical Science 1984 p. 485

For example, one gram of Carbon from living plant material causes a Geiger counter to click 16 times per minute.

It is assumed that a sample that causes 8 clicks per minute on a Geiger counter would be 5,730 years old (the sample has gone through one half life), and so on. 

A true Carbon Dating machine is obviously a far more complex machine, but the basic Mathematics and Physics used to interpret the date of the specimen is the same, and involves a number of assumptions discussed below.


The Carbon Dating machine only provides information about how much Radioactive Carbon-14 is present in a sample of material.

The Carbon Dating machine does not provide an actual date.

The actual date of the specimen is arrived at by an application of the known "half life" of Carbon -14 decay.

Since scientists know that Radioactive Carbon-14 decays over a "half life" of 5,730 years, scientists believe they can date samples of material by interpretation of the quantity of Carbon-14 present, and the known "half life" of 5,730 years.

The Carbon Dating Theory assumes that the Earth is billions of years old, which is a direct contradiction of the Biblical account, as described below.



Explanation of the Equilibrium Point

An example of Equilibrium is explained and demonstrated in the diagram.

Imagine you were trying to fill a barrel like with water, but there were holes drilled into the side of the barrel. As you filled the barrel the water would begin leaking out of the holes.

Equilibrium is reached when the amount of water added to the barrel is identical to the amount of water being lost.

This is called the Equilibrium Point.

The Equilibrium Point in Carbon Dating

The amount of Carbon-14 in the atmosphere today is about .0000765%. In Carbon Dating Theory it is assumed that:

1. The amount of Carbon-14 in the atmosphere is in Equilibrium, and has been in Equilibrium for millions of years.

2. The formation of new Carbon-14 in the atmosphere is constant, and has been constant for millions of years.

3. The uptake of Carbon-14 into plants and animals is constant, and has been for millions of years.

4. The rate of Radioactive decay of Carbon -14 is a constant, with a half life of 5,730 years, and has been for millions of years.
Scientists generally believe that the Earth is at least 4 billion years old, and Equilibrium must therefore have been reached billions of years ago.

This Equilibrium Point is absolutely fundamental to the application of Carbon Dating Theory. This is discussed below.


Carbon Dating obviously cannot work if the Equilibrium Point has not yet been reached.

It is assumed in Carbon Dating Theory that the Earth is already billions of years old, and that Equilibrium is not a problem.

It has been calculated that a freshly created Earth would require about 30,000 years for the amount of C-14 in the atmosphere to reach this Equilibrium Point.

According to Jesus Christ, this Universe is only approximately 6,000 years old

- According to the Bible, the whole Universe and Adam and Eve were created by Jesus Christ, only 6,000 years ago approximately.

- According to Luke 3: 38, Adam was a son of God, not the son of a monkey

- Evolution is simply not Biblical.

- Luke 3: 23-38 describes the 77 generations from Adam to Jesus Christ, spanning approximately 4,000 years (allowing 50 years per generation to allow for the patriarchs).

- Jesus Christ lived approximately 2,000 years ago.

- Therefore Adam was created approximately 6,000 years ago.

- According to Jesus Christ (in Mark 10:6 and Matthew 19:4) Adam was born at the beginning of the Creation.

- Jesus said, in Mark 10:6, "From the beginning of the creation, God made them male and female", NKJV.

- Jesus said, in Matthew 19:4, "Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning made them male and female," NKJV.

- Therefore the Creation was also 6,000 years ago approximately.

This is covered in greater detail in THE UNIVERSE IS ONLY 6,000 YEARS OLD

Therefore a fundamental error has been made by Carbon Dating scientists, unless the Bible is rubbish.

The quantity of Radioactive Carbon-14 in the atmosphere cannot have reached the Equilibrium Point after only 6,000 years, and will not do so until 30,000 years have passed, which is 24,000 years into the future!

Carbon Dating only works if the Bible is rubbish. 


The amount of Radioactive Carbon-14 created in the upper atmosphere would be dramatically altered by the huge Water Canopy described in Genesis Chapter One:

We read in Genesis 1:6-8, "Then God said, "Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters." Thus God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament; and it was so. And God called the firmament Heaven. So the evening and the morning were the second day."


The "firmament" is not a word which we now use, so we need to look carefully to see what God is talking about. Fortunately in Genesis 1:20 it becomes perfectly clear: "Let birds fly above the earth across the face of the firmament of the heavens."
So the "firmament" is the sky, where the birds fly. In other words, the sky appeared between the water above the sky, and the water below the sky. After the appearance of the firmament there were three separate layers:

- Region 1: Water in the stratosphere.
- Region 2: The sky, where the birds fly.
- Region 3: Water below the sky, now known as the sea
- There was therefore, at the original Creation, a water canopy in the stratosphere, above the sky (the firmament).

You will recall that Radioactive Carbon-14 is created in the upper atmosphere by the bombardment of Nitrogen atoms by sunlight.

However, this huge water canopy would have protected the atmosphere of the Earth against this radiation, and nobody knows exactly how much Radioactive Carbon-14 was created before the Flood of Noah.

Carbon Dating therefore discounts Genesis Chapter One completely.

Carbon Dating only works if the Bible is rubbish.


The Bible indicates that 6,000 years ago the Universe was created, and that 4,400 years ago the Flood of Noah covered the whole Earth for over 1 year.

If any organic material is immersed in water, Radioactive Carbon -14 is leached out.

If the Bible is true, the whole Theory of Carbon Dating is therefore invalidated, because the whole planet was immersed in water, and everything will therefore appear, by Carbon Dating methods, to be very much older than it actually is, based on the quantity of Radioactive Carbon-14 found to be present.

Proponents of Carbon Dating have therefore discount Noah's Flood completely, which completely invalidates their assumptions.

Carbon Dating only works if the Bible is rubbish. 


Carbon-14 Dating rests on the following two assumptions:

1. The amount of Carbon-14 in the atmosphere has been constant for millions of years.

2. The rate of decay of Carbon-14 has been constant with, a half life of 5,730 years, for millions of years.

Neither of these assumptions is provable or even reasonable!

The Candle Experiment

Imagine you found a candle burning in a room, and that you want to determine how long the candle was burning before you found it.

You take some measurements. Your observations are that:

1. The height of the candle is seven inches.

2. After observing the candle for one hour, we determine that the candle burns at the rate of one inch per hour.

The question is: "How long has the candle been burning?"

The answer is that nobody knows!

- The candle could have been 12 inches high
- The candle could have been 12 feet high!
- The candle could have been 12 miles high!

Even if we knew how high the candle was when it was lit, we would also have to make other assumptions:

1. We would have to assume that the rate of burn has always been constant.

2. We would have to assume that there were no changes in the Oxygen content of the air during the burning of the candle, which would dramatically alter the rate of burning.

Carbon Dating is faced with a similar dilemma

- No scientist knows that the rate of decay of Carbon-14 has been constant.

- No scientist knows that the rate of formation of Carbon -14 in the atmosphere has been constant.

- No scientist knows that the Equilibrium Point has yet been reached.

Carbon Dating only works if the Bible is rubbish. 


Living mollusk shells were Carbon dated as being 2,300 years old! Science vol. 141, 1963 p. 634-63.

A freshly killed seal was Carbon dated as having died 1,300 years ago! Antarctic Journal vol. 6 Sept-Oct. 1971 p. 211

Shells from living snails were Carbon Dated as being 27,000 years old! Science Vol. 224, 1984 p. 58-61

One part of the Vollosovitch mammoth was Carbon Dated at 29,500 years old and another part at 44,000 years old. Troy L. Pewe, Quaternary Stratigraphic Nomenclature in Unglaciated Central Alaska, Geological Survey Professional Paper 862 (U.S. Gov. printing office, 1975) p. 30

One part of Dima (a baby frozen mammoth) was Carbon Dated at 40,000 years old, another part was Carbon Dated at 26,000 years old. The wood immediately around the carcass was Carbon Dated at 9-10,000 years old. Troy L. Pewe, Quaternary Stratigraphic Nomenclature in Unglaciated Central Alaska, Geological Survey Professional Paper 862 (U.S. Gov. printing office, 1975) page 30.

The lower leg of the Fairbanks Creek mammoth had a RadioCarbon age of 15,380 radio Carbon years, while its skin and flesh were 21,300 radio Carbon years. Harold E. Anthony, "Natures Deep Freeze," Natural History, Sept. 1949, p. 300, See also: In the Beginning Walt Brown, www.creationscience.com

The two Colorado Creek, AK mammoths had RadioCarbon ages of 22,850 ± 670 and 16,150 ± 230 years respectively., Robert M. Thorson and R. Dale Guthrie, "Stratigraphy of the Colorado Creek Mammoth Locality, Alaska," Quaternary Research, Vol. 37, No. 2, March 1992, pp. 214-228, see also: In the Beginning Walt Brown

Living penguins have been Carbon dated as being 8,000 years old.

The above inaccuracies of Carbon Dating demonstrate that Carbon Dating is unreliable for samples of known ages.

We seriously wonder why Carbon Dating is assumed to be accurate for samples of an unknown age!


- Carbon Dating only works if the information provided in the Bible is discounted completely.

- Carbon Dating assumes that the Earth is already at least millions of years old, or the Equilibrium Point would not have been reached.

- The Bible teaches that the Earth is only 6,000 years old, and the Equilibrium Point has definitely not been reached.

- Carbon Dating assumes that there was no Canopy of Water in the stratosphere at Creation only 6,000 years ago. 

- The Bible teaches that there was a Canopy of Water in the stratosphere at Creation only 6,000 years ago. This would have dramatically altered the partial pressure of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere, and the content of Carbon Dioxide and Radioactive
- Carbon-14 content of the atmosphere.

- Carbon Dating assumes that the Flood of Noah did not happen 4,400 years ago.

- The Bible states that the Flood of Noah happened 4,400 years ago, which flooded the whole Earth for a whole year. This would have dramatically altered the Radioactive Carbon-14 content of everything on Planet Earth, and therefore renders Carbon Dating completely useless.


- Either Carbon Dating is true, and the Bible is rubbish.

- Or the Bible is true and Carbon Dating is rubbish.

- They simply cannot both be true!

- We prefer to believe the Bible and respectfully submit that Carbon
- Dating is based on totally false assumptions.

- The inaccuracy of Carbon Dating is revealed in the quoted cases above.

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Dinosaurs are Mentioned in the Bible.

Dinosaurs are Mentioned in the Bible
This text is used, with permission, from the work of Dr Kent Hovind of www.drdino.com

To view a free video on this subject, please visit Creationist Kent Hovind Reveals The Truth About Dinosaurs And Evolution! - Google Video

The word "dinosaur"

There are thousands of legends of people seeing or killing dragons. The word "dinosaur" was invented by Sir Richard Owen in 1841. Before that time they were known as "dragons".

Dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible


"Look now at the behemoth, which I made along with you; He eats grass like an ox. See now, his strength is in his hips, and his power is in his stomach muscles. He moves his tail like a cedar; the sinews of his thighs are tightly knit. His bones are like beams of bronze, his ribs like bars of iron. He is the first of the ways of God," Job 40:15-19 NKJV.

Many commentators believe that this text refers to Dinosaurs, which, in the Bible, are referred to as "dragons". Note that neither the elephant nor the hippopotamus have tails like a cedar tree!

Dragons in the Bible

In the Bible Dragons are mentioned 35 times. For example:

"Their wine is the poison of dragons", Deuteronomy 32:33.

"Thou breakest the heads of the dragons in the waters" Psalms 74:13.

The Bible speaks of a beast with fire coming out its mouth, and smoke from its nostrils

"Out of his mouth go burning lamps, and sparks of fire leap out," Job 41:19.

"Out of his nostrils goeth smoke, as out of a seething pot or caldron" Job 41:20

The Bible also speaks of fiery flying serpents

"Do not rejoice, all you of Philistia, because the rod that struck you is broken; For out of the serpent's roots will come forth a viper, and its offspring will be a fiery flying serpent". Isaiah 14:29, NKJ.

The Creation Of The Animals on Day 6

In Genesis 1:24-25 we read, "Then God said, "Let the earth bring forth the living creature according to its kind: cattle and creeping thing and beast of the earth, each according to its kind"; and it was so. And God made the beast of the earth according to its kind, cattle according to its kind, and everything that creeps on the earth according to its kind. And God saw that it was good".

- According to the Bible, each animal was created "according to its kind", including the Dinosaurs.

- We believe that the dinosaurs entered the Ark with Noah.

- Noah probably chose small ones!


When the dinosaurs left Noah's Ark they faced a changed environment with a more hostile climate, to which they were not well adapted. The partial pressure of oxygen was very much lower in the atmosphere after the flood, following the collapse of the water canopy at the time of Noah's flood.

- According to experiments recorded in Time magazine the partial pressure of Oxygen in the atmosphere was formerly 50% higher
- According to Time Magazine the oxygen content in Amber is 50% higher than it is now, (see Time Magazine, Nov 9, 1987, p. 82).
- Amber is a semi-precious stone, commonly used in ladies jewellery.
- Amber is actually fossilized tree sap, and frequently contains either insects, or bubbles of air.
- According to Time Magazine November 9, 1987, p. 82, bubbles of air in Amber have an oxygen content that is 50% higher than the present atmospheric air.
- According to this article in Time Magazine, Geochemists Gary Landis of the US Geological Survey and Robert Berner of Yale analyzed tiny air bubbles trapped in specimens of Amber. 
- They placed the Amber specimens inside a vacuum chamber, and then opened the Amber, allowing the ancient trapped gases to escape.
- They found that the air contained 32% oxygen, which is much higher than out current 21% oxygen content in the atmosphere.
- This is startling news, and explains, perhaps, the large humans, animals and insects found in the fossil record.
- This finding is confirmed in The New Scientist Magazine published on March 11, 2000. According to this article the air trapped in Amber has 35% oxygen.
- Since God created dinosaurs before the flood, the dinosaurs were created to be able to breathe comfortably in an atmosphere that was very much richer in oxygen.
- The dinosaurs may have been poorly adapted to the oxygen content after the Flood.
- If dinosaur skeletons are inspected, it will be noted that they have comparatively small nostrils.
- When the dinosaurs emerged from Noah's Ark, they may have had respiratory problems because of the lower oxygen content of the air, and their poorly adapted small nostrils.
- In order to ventilate their huge lungs with the air containing less oxygen they would have had to hyperventilate (breathe faster and deeper).
- This faster breathing would have caused their nostrils to become quite hot due to the rapid passage of air through their proportionally small nostrils.
- This may explain why dragons are noted to breathe fire and have smoke coming out of their nostrils.
- We believe that many dinosaurs died from the changes in the oxygen content of the atmosphere within the first few hundred years of the Flood.
- The poorly adapted dinosaurs would have been slow moving animals, and would have thus been easy prey for anyone wanting to provide meat for the whole town, and become a hero at the same time!



"One Chinese legend tells of a famous Chinese man named Yu. After the great flood Yu surveyed the land of China and divided it into sections. He built channels to drain the water off to the sea and helped make the land liveable again. Many snakes and dragons were driven from the marshlands when Yu created the new farmlands." Quoted from The Great Dinosaur Mystery P. 42 Available from www.drdino.com


People draw what they see! In order to draw dragons it must have been the case that people actually saw dragons, which we now call dinosaurs. Below are some examples of pictures of dragons actually discovered.

There are images of Dragons and Lions found on the old walls of the newly excavated ancient city of Babylon. This is noted in The Rise of Babylon by Charles Dyer p. 128, from which this image is taken.

This image of a dragon from the gates of Babylon is now in the Vorderasiatishes museum in Berlin.

The Ishtar Gate from Babylon showing lions and dragons. The photo is now in the Staatliche Museum in Berlin. Photo from On the Track of Unknown Animals by Bernard Heuvelmans p. 573.

A Roman mosaic found in the 2nd century A.D. shows two long-necked dragons. See The Great Dinosaur Mystery by Paul Taylor.

A slate palette from Heirakonpolis, shows triumph of King Nar-mer (first Pharaoh of a united Egypt) and long necked dragons. See The Ancient Near Pictures by Pritchard p. 93 See also: Technology of the Gods by David Hatcher Childress.

Long necked dragon found on hippo tusk in the tomb of Inherka, dated 12th century BC in Egypt.

For more on dinosaurs found on ancient art see www.rae.org

A Babylonian cylinder seal, dated approximately 600 B.C. from After the Flood by Bill Cooper page157.


Alexander the Great reported that, when he conquered parts of what is now India in 326 B.C. his soldiers were scared by the great dragons that lived in caves.

St. George is reported to have slain a dragon in 275 A.D. St. George was martyred for his faith in 303 AD. He is the patron saint of both England and Portugal. See Dinosaurs by Design by Duane Gish p. 81.

Beowulf slew many dragons and was killed while fighting a winged dragon in 583 A.D. at age 88! The story says Beowulf killed Grendel the dragon by pulling off one of its small front arms. The creature later bled to death.

In 900 A.D. Irish writings record an animal with iron nails on its tail and a head similar to a horse. It also had thick legs and strong claws. These details match the features of dinosaurs like the Kentrosaurus and Stegosaurus. See "The Great Dinosaur Mystery" by Paul Taylor, available from www.drdino.com

Viking ships in 1000 A.D. often had a dragon head, see The Vikings p.17. The Unexplained, vol. 3, 1985, p. 386. There is also the Voluspa account of a dragon called Nithhoggr by the Vikings as recorded in After the Flood by Bill Cooper p. 142

According to Norse legend Siegfried killed the dragon Fafnir that guarded a treasure in the land on Gnitahead. See Dragons A Natural History by Karl Shuker page 45.

Marco Polo lived in China for 17 years around 1271 A.D. and reported that the Emperor raised dragons to pull his chariots in his parades. In 1611 the emperor appointed the post of a "Royal Dragon Feeder." Books even tell of Chinese families raising dragons to use their blood for medicines, and their highly prized eggs. See The Dragon in China & Japan, by M.W. DeVisser, 1969.

The city of Nerluc, France was renamed in honour of the "dragon" slain there. It was described as being bigger than an ox and having long, sharp, pointed horns on its head. See The Great Dinosaur Mystery p. 40

In May 1572 the Italian Scientist Ulysses Aldrovandus obtained the dead body of a "dragon" and had it mounted for a museum display.


Hans Egede, Missionary to Greenland, drew this sketch of the "sea monster" he saw off the coast of Greenland in 1734

"As for other Sea Monsters……none of them have been seen by us, or any of our Time, that I ever could hear, save the most dreadful Monster, that showed itself upon the surface of the Water in the year 1734, off our New Colony in 64 Degrees. This monster was of so huge a size, that coming out of the Water, its Head reached as high as the Mast Head. Its body was as bulky as the Ship, and three or four times as long. It had a long pointed Snout, and spouted like a Whale-Fish; great broad Paws, and the body seemed covered with shell-work, its skin very rugged and uneven. The under Part of its Body was shaped like an huge Serpent, and it dived under the Water, it plunged backward into the Sea, and so raised its tail aloft, which seemed a whole Ship's length distant from the bulkiest part of its body." From Det gamle Gronlands nye Perlustration (1741), image drawn by Missionary Hans Egede as quoted by William Gibbons in Missionaries and Monsters p. 20.

German U-boat reports gigantic sea animal 

On July 30, 1915 a German U-boat Capt. Georg von Forstner's reported that, "The steamer sank quickly. When it had been gone for about 25 seconds, there was a violent explosion. A little later, pieces of wreckage and among them a gigantic sea animal was shot out of the water. It was about 60 feet long," from Dinosaurs by Design by Duane Gish page 87.


The Likouala swamp in Congo and Zaire is 55,000 square miles of 80% unexplored territory. In the Bible we read that Leviathan may be found in marshes (Job 40: 21).

Missionary Eugene Thomas had two pygmies in his mission in Congo, Africa that claimed to have killed a Mokele-Mbembe in 1959.

A well known South African big game hunter, Mr. F. Gobler, returned from a trip to Angola and announced to the Cape Town newspaper, the Cape Argus, that "There was an animal of large dimensions, the description of which could only fit a dinosaur, dwelling in the Dilolo Swamps and known to the natives as the Chipekwe. It has the head and tail of a lizard." Quoted from "There Could be Dinosaurs" by Ivan T. Sanderson, 1948 page 52.

According to the missionary Chuck Davis the Azande people in Central African Republic call it "Ngururi".

Marcellin Agnagna here drawing what he saw in the swamp in 1983, Page 96 Mysterious Creatures.

Missionary Cal Bombay and his wife said they watched a creature like this for 15 minutes in Kenya. This is quoted from "A Living Dinosaur?" page 256.

In 1907 Lt-Colonel Percy Fawcett of the British Army was sent to mark the boundaries between Brazil and Peru. He was an officer in the Royal Engineers and was well known as a meticulous recorder of facts. In the Beni Swamps of Madre de Dios Colonel P. H. Fawcett saw an animal he believed to be Diplodocus. The Diplodocus story is confirmed by many of the tribes east of the Ucayali, according to The Rivers Ran East by Leonard Clark, Funk and Wagnals Co. 1953.

This 32 foot long creature weighing 4000 pounds was hauled up from 900 feet down off the coast of New Zealand in 1977. It was dead, rotting and smelled terrible. After examining the creature it was thrown back. The fishermen and the marine biologist who saw it knew what basking sharks looked like and did not think it was a basking shark.

This 25 foot creature was washed up on the beach in Querqueville, Normandy, France in March, 1934. Two professors from Paris Natural History Museum analyzed the creature and said, "It was definitely not a whale or a sea cow. It is possible we are in the presence of an unknown species." Quoted from Time Magazine March 12, 1934 p. 32.

In 1905 observers on the yacht Valhalla, cruising of the coast of Brazil spotted a dorsal fin about six feet long and two feet high. Then a small head on a neck about seven or eight feet long rose in front of the fin. The creatures colour was mainly dark brown, turning white on the underside of the neck, and a "good-sized" body could be seen under the water. The observers were two experienced British naturalists, Michael J. Nicoll and E.G.B. Meade- Waldo, Fellows of the Zoological Society. They published an account in "Proceedings". Quoted from Rumors of Existence, 1995 Matthew A. Bille p.127.

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