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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Population Studies Indicate A Young Planet Earth.

Population Studies Indicate A Young Planet EarthAccording to the Star Tribune Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, July 24, 1999, "Last weekend the world's population topped 6 billion". 

In 1985 there were 5 billion people in the world.

In the year 1800 there were only 1 billion people in the whole world.

In the year 3 BC a Roman Census at the time of the Birth of Jesus Christ indicated that the population of the world was 250 million.

All text books teach that, and the world's population is growing rapidly.

Year World Population 
2000 6 Billion
1958 5 Billion 
1800 1 Billion 
3BC 250 Million 

The Bible teaches that: 

- 6,000 years ago God created the Universe.

- 4,400 years ago there was a Flood which destroyed everyone except for 8 people.

- The current population curve started 4,400 years ago.

Current growth curve based on Biblical time scales

If you start with 8 people 4,400 years ago, after Noah's Flood, a population of 6 Billion people over 4,400 years is perfectly reasonable.

Current growth curve based on Evolutionary Theory

- Evolutionists believe that the Earth is billions of years old, and that Human Life evolved millions of years ago.

- If Human Life started 3 million years ago, we would now have a world population of 150,000 people per square inch, and that is incredibly crowded!

- The population growth curve clearly demonstrates that Human Life did not start 3 million years ago.

The Earth Is Slowing Down.

The Earth Is Slowing Down
Because of the Second Law of Thermodynamics, the Earth is slowing down. In fact the whole Universe is slowing down. The Earth is spinning at approximately 1000 miles per hour at the equator, but it is slowing down. The Earth is slowing down at a rate of 1/1000 second per day.

Regular clocks use days as a measure, which are growing longer by a thousandth of a second or more daily as Earth's rotation slows down.

According to Astronomy Magazine, June 1992, p 24, "The Earth's Rotation is slowing down. To compensate for this lagging motion, June will be one second longer than normal. This 'Leap Second' announced by the International Earth Rotation Service in February, will keep calendar time in close alignment with international time."

Addition of Leap Seconds

To allow for the slowing of the Earth, leap seconds are added to the international cosmic clocks every 18 months. The following are the past Leap Seconds recorded by the International Earth Rotation Service:

Jan. 1973
Jan. 1974
Jan. 1975
Jan. 1976
Jan. 1977
Jan. 1978
Jan. 1979
Jan. 1980
July 1981
July 1982
July 1983
July 1985
Jan. 1988
Jan. 1990
Jan. 1991
July 1992
July 1993
July 1994
Jan. 1996

Leap seconds are added approximately every 18 months.

If the Earth is only 6,000 years old, as the Bible says, there is no problem: 

- In the time of Adam the Earth was spinning slightly faster.

- The 24 hour day would have elapsed slightly faster, but the difference would not be noticeable.

- This may explain why the Babylonians had a 360 day year, instead of our current 365 day year.

If the Earth is billions of years old, as the Evolutionists claim, this would pose enormous problems

- The Earth would have been spinning much faster.

- The 24 hour days would have been compressed into a few seconds only.

- The Centrifugal Force would be a major problem.

- Centrifugal force is that force that tends to maintain the direction of a moving object in the direction of its current movement.

- If the Earth was billions of years old the Centrifugal force would be so high that everything and everyone would actually fly into space!

- The winds would have been 5,000 miles per hour, due to the Coriolis Effect.

- If the dinosaurs lived 200 million years ago they would have been blown away from the Earth!

Saturday, 18 April 2015

The Magnetic Field Of The Earth Is Becoming Weaker.

The Magnetic Field Of The Earth Is Becoming Weaker
Definition of a Magnetic Field

A magnetic field is that energy that surrounds a magnet. A magnet has Magnetic Poles with a North Pole and a South Pole. A North Pole attracts a South Pole, but repels a North Pole.

On the right is a diagram showing a magnet with the North (N) and South Pole (S) magnetic fields surrounding it: Magnets loose strength over time

The Earth has a Magnetic Field, with a Magnetic North and a Magnetic South Pole, and acts like a large magnet.

The Earth is also loosing its magnetic strength over time. 

All Magnetic Fields get weaker and weaker, and Magnets loose their magnetic strength over time. Similarly, the Earth is also losing the strength of its magnetic field.

According to Donald DeYoung in "Astronomy and the Bible" p. 18, "The Earth's magnetic strength has declined by 6% in the last 150 years".

Apart from other implications, this means that the Earth cannot be older than a maximum of 25,000 years old. It also means that radioactive Carbon Dating cannot work for more than a few thousand years.

The implications of this are profound. If the Earth's magnetic field has declined by 6% over the last 150 years, then, by extrapolation, the Magnetic Field at the supposed Evolution of Life, millions of years ago, would have been enormous.

The strength of the Magnetic Field greatly affects the Gravitational Force. With the dramatically increased Gravitational Force at the supposed time of the Evolution of Life it would have been impossible for animals or human beings to stand upright, or even move about. It would have prevented birds from flying, and fish from swimming.

This enormous Magnetic Field would have prevented the existence of life at all! This means that the Earth cannot be millions of years old.

Comets Are Still Observed In Space.

Comets Are Still Observed In Space

Comets Are Still Observed In Space
Comets are occasionally observable in Space using the unaided human eye. There are a large number of comets travelling through Space. Comets become observable to the human eye only when they are comparatively close to the Earth.

They are technically referred to as "short period comets". As comets travel through space, they intermittently loose parts of their material, as the combined effects of the solar wind and the Sun burns pieces of material off them. Comets continue to loose material. The pieces of material are burned up as they leave the comets, explaining the big long bright tail behind them. Comets have a total life expectancy of less than 10,000 years, because they burn out.

Evolutionist need to explain to Creationists why, if the Universe is millions of years old, comets still observed in Space at all, in view of their short life of only 10,000 years. There is no indication at all that new comets are being created.

A similar argument can be applied to asteroids and space dust. The existence of comets, asteroids, and space dust indicates a young Universe, less than 10,000 years old.

The Space Dust On The Surface Of The Moon.

The Space Dust On The Surface Of The Moon
The windows of a Space rocket

If you were to look at a glass window of a Space rocket that has travelled into space, you would notice that it will be very scratched. This is because there is a lot of dust in Space which scratches the Space rocket window.

The dust on the Moon

As the Moon is spinning around the Earth it is gathering dust on it, as it travels through Space collecting Space dust.

Evolutionists believe that the Moon, like the Earth, is millions of years old. It was therefore predicted in 1955 that the Moon will have Space dust on it several miles deep.

- Lyttleton felt that X-rays and UV light striking exposed moon rocks "could during the age of the moon be sufficient to form a layer over it several miles deep."(Quote from Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society of London Vol. 115, 1955, pp. 585-604)

- Isaac Asimov wrote, "I get a picture, therefore, of the first spaceship, picking out a nice level place for landing purposes, coming in slowly downward tail-first and sinking majestically out of sight."(Quoted from: Isaac Asimov (1959), Science Digest, Jan., 1959 p. 36).

- Even children's books wrote about the excessive dust on the moon. Here is an example from a children's book written in 1959, "There is just deep, gray dust. Dust, dust, dust." (Quoted from "You Will go to the Moon" by Mae and Ira Freeman, Random House, USA).

Ladder designed 18 inches too short 

When NASA designed the spacecraft for the 1969 mission to the Moon, the engineers specially adapted the Lunar Space Module to land on the Moon, with the anticipated deep covering of dust.

Ladder designed 18 inches too short NASA provided the following adaptations to the Lunar Space Module and the astronaut's equipment:

- Huge horizontal landing pads, so that the Lunar Space Module would not sink into the dust. This is the same principle as snow shoes used on deep soft snow.

- The ladder on the Lunar Space Module, designed for the astronauts to descend onto the surface of the Moon from the Lunar Space Module, was purposely designed 18 inches too short, in anticipation of a deep dust layer.

- The backpack that the astronauts carried on their backs was designed dustproof, in case the astronauts sank into the deep Space dust on the surface of the Moon.

When the spacecraft landed on the Moon, it was in fact found that the dust on the Moon was only about ½ inch deep. This suggested that the Moon was not billions of years old, but only a young Moon, exactly as the Bible indicates.

- Ranger and Surveyor space programs were sent to the Moon to assess the "dust problem."

- It has been demonstrated that Space Dust actually gathers at the rate of 2.7 inches per million years.

- When it was discovered that the Moon was covered with only ½ inch of Space Dust, this simply implies that the Moon is only a few thousand years old, exactly as the Bible indicates.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

The Moon Is Receding From Planet Earth.

The Moon Is Receding From Planet Earth
Observation demonstrates that the Moon is getting farther from the Earth by two inches every year. This indicates that the Moon used to be closer.

This causes very serious problems to the Evolutionists, because the proximity of the Moon to planet Earth controls the height of the tides.

Because of the law in Physics called the Inverse Square Law, the closer the Moon to the Earth, the higher the tides on the Earth.

The Inverse Square Law

This law of Physics states that, "The force of attraction between two objects is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them".

The Inverse Square Law proves that the closer the distance between two objects, the greater the force of attraction will be between them. Thus if the moon is only slightly closer to the Earth, the magnetic forces of attraction are dramatically increased, and the tides become very much higher.

Theoretical calculations concerning the height of the tides

- The Moon is receding from the Earth at the rate of two inches a year.

- The magnetic forces of attraction between the Moon and the Earth become very slightly weaker every year, so that, in general, tides become slightly lower on average.

- 6,000 years ago, when Adam and Eve were created, there were no tides because the Earth had not been covered in water.

- 4,400 years ago, after Noah's Flood, the tides would have been slightly higher, on average, than the tides we see today.

- However, 4 billion years ago, when, according to the Evolutionists Life created itself on Earth, the tides would theoretically been very high indeed.

- In fact, because of the Inverse Square Law, the whole planet Earth would have been completely covered in water twice a day!

- This alone would have made Evolution impossible.

Unexplained Observations About The Planets Saturn And Jupiter.

Unexplained Observations About The Planets Saturn And Jupiter
Saturn's rings are unstable and cannot be billions of years old.

The planet Saturn has rings around it, but these rings are unstable. They are moving away from the planet, and Saturn is loosing its rings. At the current rate of movement of Saturn's rings, they could have been there for only a few thousand years. If the Universe was billions of years old, Saturn's rings would have disappeared into space billions of years ago. This is explained in the following books:

"See It's a Young World After All", by Paul Ackerman.

"In the Beginning", by Walt Brown pp.29 & 69.

Jupiter's moon Ganymede has a strong magnetic field. 

Jupiter's moon Ganymede is still hot. A small moon should not be hot after billions of years, any more than our own moon. This certainly does not support the theory of an old universe.

This subject is discussed in the following article: "Magnetic fields are generated by the liquid motion of molten metal inside a body. Yet Ganymede should have cooled solid billions of years ago." Quoted from Denver Post December 13, 1996, "Jupiter Probe detects mysterious moon dust", by K.C. Cole.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

The Law Of Conservation Of Angular Momentum.

The Law Of Conservation Of Angular Momentum
The Law of Conversation of Angular Momentum causes very serious problems for the Big Bang Theory. One way to understand the Law of Conversation of Angular Momentum is to illustrate this law of Physics with a practical example.

A roundabout in a children's play area

Let us imagine that we have some children playing on a roundabout in a children's play area.

- Phase 1: We ask three out of the children to sit on the roundabout and hold tight, and the remaining two children to spin the roundabout.

- Phase 2: The roundabout is now travelling at 30 mph, and the children pushing the roundabout are beginning to perspire.

- Phase 3: When the roundabout is spinning quite fast at 60 mph, the children on the roundabout are beginning to become frightened. They cry out, "Stop! Stop! Please slow down!"

- Phase 4: When the roundabout begins to spin much faster at 100mph, such is the gravitational forces on the children sitting on the roundabout that they all fly off the roundabout.

- Phase 5; Because of the Law of Conservation of Linear Momentum the children will all fly off the roundabout moving in the same direction as the roundabout. If the roundabout was rotating clockwise, the children will also be rotating clockwise.

The Law of Conservation of Linear Momentum can now be applied to the Big Bang Theory

- In the case of the Big Bang Theory the "singularity" was supposed to have spun very fast, and then exploded in a frictionless environment, which the Universe must have been if all the matter was concentrated at one point.

- According to the Law of Conservation of Linear Momentum, all the planets should spin in the same direction.

- We know from observation of the planets in our Solar System that the planets Venus, Uranus and possibly Pluto spin in the opposite direction to the other six planets.

- In addition to that, there are 63 known moons of the planets. Of these moons, six spin in the opposite direction to the remaining 57.

- In our Solar System, three of the planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, have moons orbiting in both directions.

- The above facts are quoted from "Astronomical Almanac for the year 1989" (Wash. DC U.S. Government Printing Office, 1989) p. E88.

- From the Law of Conservation of Linear Momentum we can see that if our Solar System evolved spontaneously by a Big Bang, all the moons should orbit their planets in the same direction.

- The only exception to this would be if they encountered a large mass, such as another planet.

- However, this event should certainly have left a crater, which it would have been observed by astronomers.

- Observations of our Solar System do NOT support the big Bang Theory.

Difference of angular momentum of the Sun and the planets 

The Sun actually spins very much more slowly than the planets. This certainly does not support the Big Bang Theory, as explained in the following quotation:

"This (Angular Momentum) would have caused the Sun to spin very rapidly. Actually, our Sun spins very slowly, while the planets move very rapidly around the Sun. In fact, although the Sun has over 99% of the mass of the solar system, it has only 2% of the angular momentum. This pattern is directly opposite to the pattern predicted for the nebular hypothesis." Quoted from Dr. H. Reeves "The Origin of the Solar System", in "The Origin of the Solar System", Dermott, S.F. Ed. John Wiley & Sons, New York p. 9, 1978.

Evolutionist cannot explain the angular momentum of the Solar System:

"The ultimate origin of the solar system's angular momentum remains obscure." Quoted from solar system Evolutionist scientist, Dr. Stuart Ross Taylor, "Solar System Evolution, A New Perspective," Cambridge University Press, p. 53, 1992, Dr. Stuart Ross Taylor.

Conservation of Angular Momentum

The Milky Way is "lumpy" 
If the Big Bang Theory were true, the planets would all spin in the same direction, and the matter would be evenly distributed through the Solar System. Instead it is "lumpy". Throughout the Milky Way there are clusters of stars, then great areas of empty space. This subject is discussed in detail in "Creation Ex Nihilo Dec. 99, p. 8".

Further Discussion Of The Big Bang Theory

Further Discussion Of The Big Bang Theory
There are only two generally accepted world views:

1. The Biblical world view: The Bible states that God created the Universe in Genesis 1:1, "In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth."

2. The Humanists world view: In the Humanist Manifesto 1, of 1933, Tenant stated that, "Humanists regard the Universe as self existing and not created."

The Origin of the Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang idea began with a Belgian astronomer, Georges Edward LeMaitre (1894-1966).
According to Isaac Asimov, LeMaitre conceived this mass to be "no more than a few light-years in diameter" in 1955.

Definition of Mass: According to the Concise Oxford Dictionary, "Mass is a coherent body of matter with no definite shape". 

Bolton Davidheiser has stated the following:

- In 1955 according to Isaac Asimov, LeMaitre originally conceived the diameter of the mass to be a minimum of two light-years, or about twelve trillion miles.

- By 1965 that figure was reduced to 275 million miles.

- By 1974 to 54 thousand miles.

- By 1983 to "a trillionth the diameter of a proton,"

- Now the mass is considered to be infinitesimally small. It is known as a "singularity"!

By observing these points above we note that Evolutionists beliefs concerning the Origins of the Universe are hardly consistent over a mere 60 years! The supposed Origins of the Universe have changed from a mass twelve trillion miles in diameter, to a mass infinitesimally small!

We do not personally believe that such massive variations in the Big Bang Theory provides the Big Bang theory with any credibility at all!

We would also like to point out that these massive variations of this core belief occurred over a mere sixty years, at the time of the origin of this new belief system!

Conversely the Bible remains totally consistent about the origins of the Universe, over the entire Bible. For further information please visit Creation: The Genesis Account on this web site.

According to Evolutionists the whole Universe evolved from nothing

"The observable Universe could have evolved from an infinitesimal region. It is then tempting to go one step further and speculate that the entire Universe evolved from literally nothing," Quoted from Alan Guth & P. Steinhardt, Scientific American, May 1984 p.12.

We would like to highlight the speculation involved in the Big Bang Theory in the above quotation!

According to all scientists, the Universe is expanding. According to proponents of the Big Bang Theory this means that the Universe must have once been much smaller, and that the expanding mass of the Universe, including Space and Time, can therefore extrapolated back to nothing, a "singularity".

According to Evolutionists, the Universe began as a gigantic explosion from the singularity. The singularity is now considered to be mass infinitesimally small. The singularity span faster and faster, and eventually exploded. During the explosion, pieces flew off, and became suns, stars, planets, comets and asteroids.

We would like to point out that the Big Bang Theory is a theory, according to its name! It has always referred to as the Big Bang Theory, never as the Big Bang Fact! No Evolutionist was present at this supposed event, which is now taught as fact in most schools and universities.

Both Creation and Evolution are belief systems, otherwise known as religions!

- Both the Biblical Creation world views and the Evolutionary world view are both belief systems which ultimately have to be accepted by faith in the most likely event.

- However, there is not a level playing field, because News media and textbooks always try to present Evolution as a modern science, and Creation as an outdated old fashioned religion.

- The unspoken message is that Evolution is part of science, and that Creation is not scientific.

- Nothing could be further from the truth, as we hope to demonstrate.
In fact, both Evolution and Creation are both belief systems, which broadly come under the heading of religions!

- The question is not which is scientific, because neither Creation nor Evolution can be replicated in a laboratory.

- The question is actually which belief system, Creation or Evolution, is correct.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that everything tends toward disorder, however, the "Big Bang" theory claims that an explosion created everything.

- Evolutionists believe that the entire solar system was formed from clouds of gas and dust, which derived ultimately from nothing.

- his belief is opposed to the First Law of Thermodynamics.

- Evolutionists believe that if energy is added it will increase order, and reverse Entropy.

- This is opposed to the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

- If the Big Bang Theory actually happened, as taught by Evolutionists, then the Sun, planets, comets, and the Moon should be made of similar elements.

- In fact, we know that the Sun is 98% Hydrogen or Helium.

- In fact, we know that the Earth, the Moon, Venus, and Mercury all contain less than 1% Hydrogen or Helium.

- The Law of Conversation of Angular Momentum, discussed below, causes very major problems for the credibility of the Big Bang Theory.

- Observations of our Solar System do NOT support the big Bang Theory.