Dr Richard Kent.

Dr Richard Kent. Is a retired medical doctor and full-time evangelist, He travels the world preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and is involved with mission work on Death Row in the Philippines.
He is the author of The Final Frontier and Beyond The Final Frontier. He is also an expert on Near Death Experiences and has personally interviewed over 300 people who have died, gone to either haven or hell, and returned to tell others about their amazing experiences.
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Friday, 6 March 2015

The 'One Day Is Billions Of Years' Theory.

The 'One Day Is Billions Of Years' Theory
- Some Bible teachers believe that each of the days of Creation was billions of years, presumably to fit in with the modern Theory of Evolution.

- If each of the days of Creation in Genesis 1 were "billions of years" then Adam and Eve would have been created at the end of the Creation, not at the beginning, as clearly stated by Jesus Christ.